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AssurOnce Personal Safety App transmits live streaming video and GPS data when threatening or potentially dangerous situations are encountered, directly to your own circle of trusted safety contacts.

Simultaneous Notifications

Users can notify up to 5 pre-selected individuals (life lines) when help is needed.  The user’s life lines will be notified via text distinguished by "Unique Ring-Tone".


Audio / Video "Alert" Recording

The AssurOnce app will record (audio and video) up to 10 minutes after an emergency alert is activated.  

Recordings automatically transmit directly to the user's life line's and recordings are accessible for future use by the users.

Life Lines

Each User can input up to 5 personalized life lines into the app. 

Life lines are the trusted individuals relied upon to provide assistance when the user needs help.

Personal message

Send instant "alert message" in AssurOnce during an emergency and have it automatically relayed to your team of life lines that can assist in securing your safety.

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GPS Locator

When the user activates an emergency alert, the AssurOnce app utilizes GPS technology to identify their precise location.  This information is instantly transmitted to the user’s life lines.

Unique "Ring Tone"


When the user transmits an emergency text message notification, the AssurOnce app utilizes a unique ring tone which is designed to get the attention of the life lines in an emergency.

Cloud Storage

All audio and video recordings are stored in the cloud.  If recordings are ever lost or destroyed on your phones, AssurOnce has got you covered.


How Does AssurOnce Help Universities

Assurance can help discourage on-campus assaults and ensure Universities stay in compliance with the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination (SaVE) Act.  The app can even be customized for each school.

Will AssurOnce use storage space on my device to backup audio / video recordings?

Yes.  AssurOnce will temporatily use storage on your device to save audio / video recordings and then "immediately" delete files from your device once content is safely stored in cloud.

What is the cost to download this app?

AssurOnce is a free download.

Will AssurOnce work on every phone?

AssurOnce will work on Android and iOS Apple mobile devices including iPhones.

Do I have to select 5 life lines?

No, however, you must input a minimum of two and a maximum of five life lines.

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